Hello, bonjour, hallo, shalom, ciao, ohayoou, ni hao, hola, privet! Welcome to the QE Productions Blog. Here, we will tell our stories, others stories, new stories, old stories, heartbreaking stories, heartwarming stories, triumphant stories, deflating stories, and beyond. Here, we will discover our truths, your truths, and the truths of someone thousands of miles away. We will swim across the Atlantic, fly in between the Andes, and ride gigantic double-humped camels through the Gobi. Here, we will stay vulnerable and imaginative. We will give meaning to life. We will study it and ask questions. We will live in its suspense. We are not bound by race, religion, belief, ideology, or time.

Our stories make us immortal. They allow us to process experience. They allow us to share.

Looking forward to sharing our lives with you and vice versa. Come say hello.


QE Productions


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