• Road to Ningbo A short film presented by QE Productions Road to Ningbo (宁波之路) follows the journey of Chang Hui, an adventurous young boy with an obsession with the Giant Panda.  Unsatisfied with village life, Chang Hui longs to visit the zoo in the city of Ningbo. Having been already abandoned by her husband and Chang Hui’s father, […] No responses February 6, 2015
  • Hello, Bonjour, Shalom, Privet! Hello, bonjour, hallo, shalom, ciao, ohayoou, ni hao, hola, privet! Welcome to the QE Productions Blog. Here, we will tell our stories, others stories, new stories, old stories, heartbreaking stories, heartwarming stories, triumphant stories, deflating stories, and beyond. Here, we will discover our truths, your truths, and the truths of someone thousands of miles away. […] No responses February 6, 2015